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We’re here to ensure your construction project runs smoothly

Construction sites are full of unforeseen incidents; our packages cover material or bodily damages due to construction work. Our plans are summarized below with their benefits.

Engineering Insurance Policy

We help your project run smoothly by providing coverage against a wide range of hazards that might affect your business. Solutions are tailored to cover all aspects of engineering and construction risks:

    • Contractors All Risk and Erection All Risk provides cover against accidental damage to the construction works and protects against third party liabilities.
    • Machinery Breakdown and Deterioration of Stock provides cover against accidental breakdown of machinery and the resulting deterioration of stock.

Workmen Compensation Insurance Policy

We provide cover against accidents to employees during the course of their employment, protecting your business from the resulting financial burden. Workers’ Compensation insurance policy covers:

    • Indemnity in case of permanent disability or death.
    • Daily indemnity in case of temporary disablement.
    • Medical and hospital expenses in case of accident.

For more info please contact your licensed broker or agent, or call us on our 24/7 hotline 1534 or leave your contact details below and we will call you back:

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