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Securite Assurance offers an interesting internship program where interns are exposed to all aspects of our operations. Interns in fact follow a rotational program across all company departments: Underwriting, Claims, Development, Customer Service, Finance, Operations, and HR. Interns will have the opportunity to learn a lot on the job, go into technical details, and practice hands on not just watch from afar.

Internship programs pave the way for full time employment. Whenever interns prove to be promising talents as well as culture fits, we do our best to secure them full time employment. Our interns – turned full time employees – will tell you all about their success stories!

The possibilities you’ll explore and the impact you’ll have during your internship (and potentially after it) are driven by your work. You will chart your own path and own your development, career, and future. In other words, your experience and trajectory at SA is in your own hands.

Undergraduate students (or more) are eligible for this program. The selection is based on our assessment of the candidate following the below interview process. But in general, we look for strong analytical candidates who have good communication skills.

About DSF

Join our Direct Sales Force program and embark on a career path that leads to financial independence, personal growth, and professional progression. As an insurance and financial sales consultant, you will have control over your financial growth by efficiently investing in and managing your time, maximizing your revenue for the time invested.

Our program includes a Certified and Special Training Program designed to improve and shape your knowledge, skills, attitude, and habits. Our training program uses various tools to monitor and assess your growth and development constantly.

Moreover, we offer a Path to Higher Management program, where candidates can advance their career through a clear, long-term, ambitious professional vision. We reward candidates who show effort and productivity with a chance to hold a position in the company's higher management, with all its responsibilities and authority.

To be eligible for this program, candidates must have a BA (or equivalent) degree, master at least two languages, and own a car. During our interview process, we assess candidates based on their people-oriented approach, ability to accept challenges, and readiness to come out of their comfort zones.

·        Prospecting and acquiring new clients while nurturing and expanding the company's existing client base and portfolio.

·        Building strong relationships with clients and establishing rapport to gain their trust and loyalty.

·        Meeting and exceeding set sales targets for production and persistency by leveraging your exceptional sales skills.

·        Ensuring that all administrative procedures are correctly followed to ensure efficient sales processes and customer satisfaction.

·        Maintaining a positive and professional attitude towards the company's regulations, products, and the insurance industry overall.

·        Providing regular reports that demonstrate your sales activity and progress towards meeting sales targets.

·        Expressing willingness to recruit and introduce new members to the Direct Sales Force program.

·        Attending weekly sales meetings to keep up-to-date with company updates, new products, and best practices.

If you are a people-oriented individual who accepts challenges and is ready to come out of your comfort zone, we invite you to apply to our Direct Sales Force program and join our team.

At Securite Assurance, we have developed a Graduate Program that provides an outstanding opportunity for high-potential graduates from top-notch universities to gain valuable hands-on experience in a work environment that reflects our shared value: to rise by lifting others.

As part of this program, aspiring professionals will have the chance to work across a diverse range of departments, including Finance, Underwriting, and Technology, and will be trained to become our leaders of tomorrow.

Our talented juniors will receive personalized training that is tailored to their unique career aspirations and the career path that will be drawn for them. They will also have the chance to contribute to the company's overall performance.

Joining the ranks of Securite Assurance as a young talent means becoming a valued member of a team that places a premium on mutual support and collaboration to cultivate success.

At Securite Assurance, we believe that investing and growing young talent is crucial to our vibrant, strong, and impactful future.

As a graduate in the Securite Assurance Graduate Program, you will have access to a clear career path that includes ongoing professional development, performance feedback, and a range of opportunities to advance within the company. We will work with you to develop a personalized career plan that aligns with your strengths, interests, and goals, whether you aspire to become a team leader, department head, or executive.

Through challenging projects, exposure to senior leaders, and increasing levels of responsibility, you will progress in your career and achieve your full potential. Our ultimate goal is to create a long-lasting, rewarding career at Securite Assurance.

Join us and be a part of our mission to provide our customers with insanely great service.

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