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It’s Not a Job, It’s a Career

In the past we placed most of our energy seeking profitable growth. As a result, and through our expansion, we ended up building a financially robust company, but our service level remained typical and our brand overlooked. Several years ago, and in the midst of rapid growth, we felt something was missing. Our day to day work was too transactional and not as purposeful as we wanted it to be. So we decided to take a step back and assess where we stood. Our assessment made us realize that the insurance market suffered from a lack of customer compassion. We noticed that customers are being treated as numbers, not people. Their psychological and emotional states are being overlooked and that created a lot of pain. This made us understand that we can do good, that each encounter with a client is actually a chance for us to create a positive impact, to forge a smile on peoples’ faces, to improve their lives. Most importantly this insight helped us define the reason of our existence, our meaning. Our vision is to be the evident insurance partner, the first and best choice for clients. And we’ll get there by providing an insanely great service—that’s our mission. This purpose is deeply engraved in our DNA and every decision we take, every investment we make, every strategy we develop—everything we do—serves our purpose and it will always be that way because operating through this purpose has enabled us to deliver a profound impact on the people we serve, to touch the lives of many and this means a lot to us. We will continue to lead and manage the company through the lens of purpose and humanity, doing everything we possibly can to continue on making people proud of us and what we stand for.

We believe that achieving our purpose can only happen through us. It is us, all of us, who will bring our meaning to life. So achieving our meaning is in reality a by-product of our culture. So culture is our number one priority. We have built the culture we always aspired to be part of, the culture that is bringing our vision to life. It is very clear to us that no person is bigger than our culture and the vision we’re bringing to life. Each and every one of us acts in line with the core values that tie us together, the values that we, as citizens of Securite Assurance, all share, expect from each other, and even hold one another accountable for. We operate through a solid HR infrastructure that is helping us support employees, grow and nurture them, enable them, and inspire them. We support one another and work so hard to lift each other up.

We have a true and genuine belief and a strong commitment to shape the future of our industry and deliver a profound impact on the people we serve. We not only want to execute ideas that are in line with our vision, but we also want to execute ideas that would redefine the way insurance is practiced and perceived. We’d like to make insurance easier and more intuitive and so we have a restless urge to challenge convention and push for continuous improvement, however high the hurdles are. We expect our people to question things rather than just passively conform, and we believe it’s this spirit that keeps employees interested, motivated, and engaged.

We are committed to hiring the best talent in the industry and we do our best to inspire our people, support them, enable them, train them, and grow them. So as a result, Securite Assurance is a place full of smart and inspiring people who are leaders in their fields. This results in a productive environment that inspires people and help them become an even better version of themselves.

Securite Assurance is a place where big dreams are brought to life. So we encourage our team to be optimistic about the future and believe, as optimists do, that our big dreams are possible because it somehow makes them so. We encourage people to spot opportunities and support them to achieve it. We look beyond just hitting the numbers on a quarterly basis. We invest for the long term too, and that means taking big bets when it feels right. We find that this approach works as well for people as it does for business. We invest in people who have the courage to take bets on themselves.

We’re a growing company and our employees need to grow as well. The responsibility is on the employee to drive their own learning and development, but we make sure they’re well-supported, with several formal opportunities each year to discuss their development needs and potential – whether that’s in their current role, taking the next step up or moving across the organization. There’s a lot of learning on the job, but we also offer people the chance to gain professional qualifications too. We also provide many in-house trainings to help enhance the technical and soft skills of our employees.

Our work environment has its own distinct personality. It reflects who we are. It breaks the convention of a typical office space in the same way that we’re breaking and challenging the convention and norms of the insurance industry. It is white, clear, transparent, bold, and esthetically stimulating. It will stimulate your eyes and brains and encourage to do great things and that’s what we’re doing every single day!

At Securite Assurance, we offer competitive salaries and benefits such as performance-based bonuses and medical insurance. When people excel at their jobs, their efforts do not go unnoticed. We make sure to grow them, both financially and professionally as we push them to assume more responsibilities and grow their soft skills as well as their technical skills.

We work hard to bring our ideas to light and once we do, we make sure to celebrate in style! There’s usually a lot going on in our offices. Whether it’s a gathering in our play office, our annual Christmas party, our yearly events, or even a daily lunch in our canteen, we always make sure to unwind and have fun. Interested in a friendly game of Ping-Pong or table football? Meet us at the play office!

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